No New Year’s Resolution for This Girl

I’ve made them all in the past: I’m going to start eating better, I’m going to workout more, I’ll be more organized this year…

If you can make those kinds of major changes in your life through sheer willpower, I bow to you. I’m just not that girl. It’s not that I’m not a strong, decisive person. I am every bit the “let’s move!”, “why wait?”, “do it now!” personality my momma raised. The thing is, like many women, I have been making all those decisions for everyone else in my life for…well…forever. My wants and needs have been their wants and needs.

But, guess what happened this year. Everything! My oldest graduated from college, my youngest moved out and on campus, my career taxed me in ways it never has before, my marriage took a beating but managed to bounce back. Basically, I lost total control. Which, now that I’ve come out the other side, may be the best thing that ever happened to me.

Here’s what changed, I started saying “Yes” to myself. When my mother asked me to fly off to Rome for the simple purpose of seeing my bucket list band in concert, I paused to consider the impact on everyone else in my life. Seriously! An all expense paid trip to Rome and I paused. Then it hit me, “What am I doing?” So, I said “Yes.” When my daughter invited me to road trip to Savannah for the weekend, a mere seven hours away (therefore driving almost as long as staying), I said “Yes.” When I had the opportunity to speak at TBEX (the world’s largest travel bloggers conference) in Ireland, instead of allowing the self-doubt to seep in, I said “Yes.”



This year I endeavor to do much of the same. I like to think of this as less resolution and more evolution. Evolving into my new self, my best self and realizing I’m the only thing holding me back. Here’s wishing you the best possible New Year’s Evolution.


Happy New Year!

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